Cleaning Up A Party I Didn’t Attend

With 4 children, its safe to say I’m constantly tidying and cleaning. I’m not obsessed with a show home but one day not picking up will lead to an overwhelming mess.

Yesterday I was out of town for the day with my eldest daughter and her gymnastic team, leaving my husband at home with the other children.

This is what I woke up to.

I’m sure every mum has been here. It’s like a party you haven’t attended but left to clean up!

After a few cups of coffee and a mental plan of action, the battle commenced.

Here was my plan:

  • Turn off my phone and laptop (I didn’t want any distractions)
  • Turn on the diffuser and diffuse Purification oil. It’s the best for dissolving smells (you can find out more here).
  • Pump the tunes through the TV.
  • Move big items to their place.
  • Carry a bin bag and throw out any rubbish.
  • Walk around with a laundry basket and throw any clothes in there, clean or dirty!
  • Empty the dishwasher and re-load.
  • Fill the sink with hot soapy water and clean down the kitchen sides.
  • Remove the cushions and any other things from the sofa, vacuum them and wipe them down with soapy water.
  • Throw all the toys on the carpet and re-arrange them into the toy baskets, throw the broken and odd bits.
  • Wipe down all the side boards, tables, fireplace, cabinets.
  • Put cushions, bits and bobs back in place.
  • vacuum and mop the floor.

One hour in and and it was done and dusted… phew!


Was it worth it? Of course it was. I’m sure many happy memories were made with Daddy yesterday.

Much Love

Gemma xx


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