Fashion Trends I Am loving this Autumn/Winter 2016

Top fashion trends I am loving this Autumn/Winter

Just like every new season, the weird and the wonderful new trends to out to play. Some are just plain crazy and completely unflattering to even the best of figures.


(Media photo sourced from ELLE)

I mean common!! who after the age of 10 wants to wear a tiered skirt or dress?

However out of lot’s of crazy fads, little gems are born.

Here are my top fashion trends from this season


The rucksack

Oh how I love the rucksack! It’s just so practical. Perfect to carry a
laptop around in, travelling around as a busy mum and gives you your arms back. The day this fashion dies will be a day of mourning for me

This one I bought from River Island. I purchased it for my flight from the UK back to Turkey but ended up not using any other bag since.


Ripped Jeans

Yes Yes Yes, scruffy is so sexy! Dressed down with Converse, dressed up with pointed high-heels. Any way you wear them are a winner.

This pair of jeans were actually gifted from a friend and the rip became bigger and bigger at every wear. I like to call this an ‘Organic rip’


 Glittery shoes and pumps 

I feel like Cinderella while running the kids around and going out and about. This look makes me happy when I look down at my feet. Like a princess in civilian clothes

My shoes are from Kurt Geiger and as you can see are well worn



I really need to go shopping for a bigger collection, scarves are big this season and my choice of two just isn’t cutting the cheese.

This is my 1 of 2. I’m not even sure where it’s from now.

I definitely  after a huge thick blanket scarf next!



I get my inspirations and mostly from fantasy online shopping, you know where you shop online and add things to carts but hardly ever check out (please say it’s not just me who does this). Pinterest and  keeping an eye out on the street. I also like certain fashion bloggers and e-books, like this one here (aff)

Tell me what you are loving right now? I would love to hear

Much love



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