5 Ways To Become A Confident Woman Right Now


Let’s get things clear here! Confidence isn’t just about your gleaming smile or the way you stand. Confidence is all about your inner self, your thoughts and relaxing knowing you are imperfectly perfect.

I’m sure we have all seen that lady walk into the room, head up and so sure of herself that everyone in that room wants to meet her, listen to her, talk to her. She may not be the most
beautiful female in that room but her certainty makes you want to know what it is that she is so sure of.

I’m writing this not because I have mastered it all day in day out, but because I certainly try to do my best.

Here’s  my best 5 tips how to become confident 

Stop comparing.  Realize that you are you, you can not be that other person so why not try and be the best version of yourself. Do this from this very moment!

Make self talk positive  When you look at yourself instead of focusing on your flaws, focus on your assets and tell yourself how wonderful they are! Look in the mirror, smile at yourself, love yourself!

You don’t need the approval of others Know you are a wonderful person, what others think is down to them and their issues. Practice imagining everyone you meet today is just in awe of you.

Don’t overthink Overthinking confuses the situation, forces you to worry and just makes things seem so much worse than they actually are. From this moment, be present to every situation and moment  you are in, this is called Mindfulness.  Forget what may happen tomorrow, later or even in the next few minutes. You are right here, right now

Just be yourself  Let  people see the real, imperfect, flawed, weird, beautiful person you are.

I recommend this book for further reading click here

Confidence isn’t something that springs overnight, it really is just like a muscle. The weaker it is the harder it will be to build up but it will get there with practice. 

Self love is so important, it shows the world how you expect to be treated and you won’t stand for anything less. 


Are you a naturally confident person?

Many you have had to work on it?

Are you still working on how to be confident

Leave your comments below. I would love to hear about it

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