How To Clean Makeup Brushes

Good quality brushes are a must for great make up application and it is just as important to keep them clean.

It’s not just old make up on your brushes but also dead skin cells, dirt, dust and bacteria.

This can cause cross-contamination spreading germs from face, to brush, to make up, to brush, to face….. you get the picture!

Not only that but your make up, especially eye shadow and blush will start looking muddy through the collection of various make up pigments.

Here is a simple guide to how to clean your make up brushes properly.

What you will need:

-Clean running water

-Gentle shampoo

-A lint free cloth (or Micro-fiber)


Step 1

Begin by running your brush under warm water.

Make sure you avoid submerging the brush. Through the whole cleansing procedure try not to tilt the brush upwards. Water and the glue at the base of the brush do not mix well, causing bristle loss, and rotting the handle.

Step 2

Massage a small amount of baby shampoo with the palm of your hand, lather and squeeze.

Again avoiding the handle.

Step 3

Rinse the shampoo, squeeze the excess water.

Repeat until water runs clear.

Step 4

Dry the brush on your cloth, re-positioning the bristles.

Leave to dry on its side.


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