Lillilale Chats To Rich Livings Michelle

Last week I had the opportunity to interview a Mentor of mine Michelle House.

Michelle is a financial educator and money mentor, specialising in empowering women to live a life full of richness.

Her RICH Living helps people transcend their money problems with practical and emotional solutions while creating a life with purpose and soul.

Michelle, I found you through your 5.55’s on Facebook, I started to watch them regularly and became hooked. (Michelle has a  Facebook live every weekday Monday to Friday at 5.55 am Australian time, Click here for her link). You are so awake and lively for such an early time! What are your top tips for being a morning person?

Michelle – Quality sleep!!  A good nights sleep a restful one.  So I guess I don’t drink or eat 2 hours before bed, I download any thoughts/ideas/to do lists onto paper, I don’t take my phone to bed! and I consciously go through a quick relaxation to make sure my body is nice and relaxed.  I also have a bottle of Frankincense next to my bed that I put on for wrinkles but maybe it helps me sleep!!  If I’m ever needing any help drifting off I roll on some Tranquil oil – a blend with lavender in it that smells very dreamy.  And then I get up round 4 and pop on a vaporiser.  Usually Peace & Calming so the family wakes up to it and then I do some meditating, stretching, drink some water and do some writing/journalling. Then I go down to my office and pop the vaporiser on down there – yep I love essential oils!!  Then I turn up the music, jump around, move and have some fun while I get ready for my show at 5:55!!

I instantly loved how you bring Law of attraction into non-airy fairy practical approach which I could resonate with. It’s kind of different and something I’ve never come across before. Was this something you have taken time to establish and learn and how did you get there?

Michelle – ooooo that’s a good question!!  I guess I began to apply the law of attraction to my life and I’m an evidence based kind of person, so there needs to be a lot of science behind it to get me over the line!!  Perhaps even the knowing that everything needs action for it to unfold makes it all more practical.  I read a lot of different kinds of books from The Secret to The Winners Bible, and then Wired for Life and Ask and it is Given.  A good combo of science and the unexplained.

You have courses, Facebook lives and now an exciting Podcast underway. You appear so confident and have so much fun while public speaking. Was this ever a challenge for you and if so how did you overcome it?

Michelle –  Too funny you ask me this question.  Last week I did a test, kind of like a personality test I guess and it said the worst thing to expect me to do is public speaking!!  I remember my mum sending me off to drama to ‘get confident’ when I was a teen and then I was in a competition to be the Queen of our town because she thought that would help to!!  Believe it or not … the spotlight is not my favourite place to be.  When I was offered the television work I was such a wreck but I knew that it was a great vehicle to reach people.  I remember the first TV shoot I did at a local shopping centre… I had my mentor on the phone while I was splashing Young Livings Valor (another oil!!) all over me for courage!! After a while the television was easier until I had to do a live cross to the studio in Sydney, but then after a few of those that was easy too.  My 555’s were really nerve wracking!!  OMG putting myself out into Facebook world – the world of critics!!  I started doing them in the safety of my gorgeous rich living room group and then one day I stepped out and started to do them on my Facebook business page where the reach was much higher.  It’s pretty easy now talking to myself every morning.  I’m thinking about doing an in real life 555 when we get up to the 555th episode, one on a stage somewhere. That terrifies me and I don’t think about it too often!!  Such a great question you’ve got me thinking!!  I know that when something is uncomfortable and not natural for me it’s guaranteed to expand me, grow me.  I don’t ‘push’ myself but I am aware that there is no magic in being comfortable all the time!!

Uncomfortable is guaranteed to expand, I love that! Public speaking is one of my challenges for sure and I have to say your wise words have motivated me to push myself.

You can find Michelle on her Facebook page and her website.

Thank you so much as always Michelle.

Much Love

Lillilale xx


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