DIY Re-balancing Oil

As a trained Aromatherapist, I know first hand the amazing effects of Essential Oils. They are unique as a skin treatment as they have the ability to travel through the skin.

This is my own recipe for skin that may be suffering from congestion, acne, dullness or mild scaring.

You can blend it your self at home in a clean sterile glass bottle and it will last a good while.

  1.  Jojoba oil 10ml
  2. Lemon essential oil 4 drops
  3. Grapefruit essential oil 4 drops
  4. Frankincense essential oil 4 drops

The oils you use must be of a good quality (I use Young Living)

You can find my full skin care tips here for Flawless skin 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, I am always here to help

Much Love



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