About me

Welcome to Lillilale

Hi everyone, Let me introduce myself. My name is Gemma.

I’m British (originally from Cheshire) and have lived in Turkey for the past 11 years after meeting my darling Turkish Husband. We have 4 beautiful, clever children together and 2 dogs, yes it’s a busy home!  Crazy at times in fact and we wouldn’t have it any other way
cropped-kosThis is me and my family on a recent trip to the island of Kos

I was a Beauty therapist before my children came along, working in spas, freelance and on board cruise liners. I loved my job but the time came to settle down and when it did, i was ready. You can read more about my work on a cruise ship here

cruise-wide9669Heading to a full days work at the spa onboard The Coral Princess many years ago (oh those were good days)

I still have a huge passion for anything spa, beauty and make up related. You can find more about my favourite oil company here, I am addicted!

I love fashion, not the catwalk stuff but wearable fashion for the girl next door!

Two years ago I finally started a fitness program. I’m still on my journey for a 6 pack and yet to touch my toes but hey-ho, it’s still in my heart!

Lillilale is an extension of me. Here you will find some tricks of my trade, reviews of new products and treatments, fashion, fitness and  all things glitter, glow with sunshine, radiating high vibrations.


So stick around and enjoy!